Wednesday, 20 March 2013

WOW!!! Trunk 50p Friday

If like me, in the past you have bought some goodies from the wonderful Trunk Records, then 50p Friday is for you. I recently got an email informing me that the first Radiophonic Workshop single (Time Beat and Waltz In Orbit) would be available for 20p each TWENTY PENCE!!!!!!!!!. Well it seems that the boffins at Trunk have now decided to extend this idea to 50p Fridays. Every Friday Trunk Records will offer up a download (Album, Single EP Compilation) for 50p just for that day. So far we have an Eden Ahbez album and the Mighty Berned Cribbins ( I have an old EMI Starline Best of B C album, Gossip Calypso and Double Thinks are 2 personal favs). What does Mr Trunk have for us this Friday??????? I don't know, but I will be checking my email 1st thing Friday morning, or you could just go straight here with 50p at the ready. FIFTY PENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a way to start your Friday. UPDATE ALERT!!!!!! This week (Friday  22nd) The 50p treat was The MP3 soundtrack to the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore film Bedazzled.  Best 50p I have ever spent. 

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