Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sleep Games

I was very pleased to receive a copy of the new Pye Corner Audio album Sleep Games.
Now.......I am quite keen on Pye Corner Audio, and have enjoyed the Black Mill Tapes Vol 1, 2 and 3, which I have mentioned in previous posts here. I am very pleased to say that Sleep Games is as good, if not at times even better. Occasionally a feel for Phaedra/Rubycon era Tangerine Dream, Klaus Shultze, The BEF and even The Aphex Twin creeps in, but thats not a bad thing at all in my books (in fact a big plus in my world) One thing is for sure, Pye Corner Audio and Ghost Box working together was meant to be. This collaboration has produced a wonderful tense and at times even serene sounding album with a 1st class production from the mysterious Head Technician with mastering by Jon Brooks of The Advisory Circle. So thats my two bobs worth. If you have not got a copy, best you order one now. 

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