Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Record Box (x2) of Delights

Played a DJ set the other night (I use the term DJ very loosely) and have been asked by a couple of people (yep 2 of them) to post a list of the records/music played. So here it is. In more or less the order of being played.
Mario Molino - Shake Psycho, Kraftwerk - Showroom Dummies, John Keating - Feel the Earth Move, Barry Adamson - Soul Devil, Harmonia - Veterano, Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw - Hot Pants, Mickey  & The Soul Generation - Get Down Brother, Keith Hudson - Civilisation, Giorgeo Morodor - Pauls Theme, The Free Design - Make the Madness Stop, David Bowie - TVC15, John Barry - The Knack, Andre Previn - Executive Party, PIL - MegaMix, Mike Vickers - Retribution, Belbury Poly - Chapel Perilous, Frank Zappa - Peaches en Regalia, John Baker - Au Printemps. Peter CookBedazzled , Two Banks of Four - Brilliant Circles, Can - More, Rolling Stones - ComplicatedTom Tom Club - Genius of Love, Advisory Circle - Mind How You Go, Sam Spence Sounds - Waterworld, Shirelene King - Super Stuff, Keith Mansfield - Funky Fanfare, Pentangle - Bells, Isaac Hayes - Do your Thing, Jean Jacques Perry & Gershon Kingsley - Unidentified Flying Object, Diane and The Javlins - Who's the Girl, Yello - Pinball Cha Cha, Visage - Frequency 7, Vic Marrs - Arts & Crafts, Mario Molino - Gili angeli del 2000, Snooze - Minnesota Mantalo, Harry J Allstars - Liquidator, The Dawnbreakers - Be Bop Glasses, Roberto Pregadio - Iena Sequence, Bruce Haack - Electric to me Turn, Devo - Auto Modown, Alan Parker - The Free Life, Giorgeo Morodor - From Here to Eternity, Magazine - Thank You ( Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin), Mike Sammes Singers - The Telephone Song, Eccentronic Radio Orchestra - Autobahn 666, Simon Heartfield - Greenwood PlaceJohnathan Gibbs - Computers in the Real World, Booker T & the MGs - Soul DressingDwight & the Jayhawkers - Interstate 45Denton & Cook - Quiller, The Clash - Magnificent 7, Terry Snyder All Stars - You're the TopTedd Smith - Time to Run, Gong - You Never Blow yer Trip, Jonny Trunk & Wisby - The Ladies' Bras


  1. That's one disco where I would have loved to have done the boogaloo and even cut a rug or two.

  2. That would have made 15 people there at least.

  3. yep all good stuff. Even Gong in there