Friday, 28 September 2012

Pauline Boty's Nightmare

Here is a clip  from the 1962  program Pop Goes The Easel, directed by Ken Russell. In this clip the Artist Pauline Boty (1938 - 1966) is chased down the corridors of the BBC TV Centre. These scenes have been re-scored by victorialicus38 using music produced by Delia Derbyshire. The full version of Pop goes the Easel can be seen here. At the time Boty was part of the emerging UK Pop Art scene. Also featured in The Pop goes The Easel Doc are Derek Boshier, Peter Phillips and Peter Blake. Sadly Pauline Boty died of Cancer in 1966 at the age of 28. For a truly in-depth look at Pauline Boty and her work,  I suggest that you pop along to the Sparks in the Electrical Jelly Blog..........of you go now.

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