Thursday, 20 September 2012

New Album 2013

Finally getting somewhere with the new album. Its title (at the moment) is Boxes Windows and Secret Hiddy-Holes, and If all goes to plan should be available as a CD and Digital download from Bandcamp in Feb 2013. Due to a lack of work I had in the summer, I managed to crack on with the album and get quite a bit done, and it was originally due out this year. But then out of the Blue a sudden influx of work (I am not complaining honest) has now put this project on hold, and I do not have enough time on my hands to get it all finished this year. So 2013 it is. Have had a few of the tunes on Soundcloud for a while, but thought I would put them all here. Makes it all nice and tidy. And we do like tidy round here.


  1. These sound utterly great and I will be utterly getting hold of the album when it comes out!

  2. Thanks BC. I keep putting it back because all the usual life things seem to be soaking up any spare money (bloody oven broke the other day, Road Tax Birthdays Christmas etc) but if all does go to plan then hopefully Feb 2013.