Friday, 2 December 2011

Wire de-construct

I like the band Wire. Have liked them for decades, and have always been impressed with their approach to songwriting and performing their songs live. Wire's attitude is this. Once the song is written recorded etc, thats it for that version. Their reluctance to play certain songs live or in the stye that the audience anticipated or expected was always very interesting. You could never hear the same version of Pink Flag twice. As Graham Lewis said once when people were calling out for their favorite Wire songs to be played "we are not a Jukebox" Wire's knack of de-constructing their own songs has always led to some very interesting developments musically. One of my favorites is the Peel Session version of the 154 album track The Other Window. Listen to the Peel version then play the 154 version. Both versions good and both completely different. Finally the album was called 154 because it was said at the time that the band had played 154 gigs. 

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