Friday, 2 December 2011

Some old Synth Tat

I have recently started work on some music which I hope will be the the basis for my next album. I also recently got a new camera, so I decided to head up to the loft and do that cheesy thing and take a picture of my Keyboards/Synths. At the back we have an SH101. In front of that is an old Yamaha SY1 with a Melos echo chamber on top followed by a Yamaha DX100. In front. of the DX 100 is my old Boss DR-220 and next to that is a Casio PT-1. To the right is a Yamaha CS01 and on the far left is an Oxygen 8 midi keyboard. Not forgetting my old Dynatron Headphones which I do love. So there you go thats the lot. Now back to work for me.

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