Monday, 15 April 2019

TV Thrillers and Chillers with the Parents

Here are a couple of 1970s evening Thrillers and Chillers. I have very fond memories of watching these with my parents. I always seemed to be drawn to the intros and the music 1st, before I
had even seen a full episode. Orsen Wells Tales of Mystery ran from 73 to 74. Each episode ran for 30 mins and was a different tale every week, introduced by... Orsen Wells. The superb intro music was by John Barry.The DVD is set for UK release in July 2019
Another 70s fav was the ATV anthology series Thriller. This always went out on a Saturday night at 9pm. The series ran from 73 to 79. Some epsodes were supernatural and spooky some were mysteries and basic who dunits. My personal fav is Nurse will make it better starring Diana Dors, Patrick Troughton and Ed Bishop. Again I loved the intro music, which was composed by Laurie Johnson. The series was picked up on in USA, but changes were made to some episode titles (Nurse will make it better was changed to The Devils Web and Video release Night Nurse)
USA trailer here.

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