Sunday, 8 January 2017

Gurdy Hurding

I have known Brian from Renaldo and the Loaf for a very very very long time. Our paths first crossed when I was in a little to known band called the Marilyn Monroes. I was very pleased recently when Brian invited me round to Renaldo towers to present me with a copy of the new Album. The first track I heard from the new album was A Convivial Ode, which has a lovely video, directed by the other half of Echopet Mr Jez Stevens. Fans of the band will not be disappointed in the 21st Century Renaldo and the Loaf sound. Gurdy Hurding is a superb album, full of pitched voices, strange sounds, quirky instruments, odd timings with a medieval feel and a wonderful production.  This is the first album from Renaldo and the Loaf in nearly 30 years, the last being Elbow is Taboo and can be purchased from Klang Gallerie and The Ghost Box records Guests shop.

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