Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Lewes Psych 2016

Last weekend I met up with Mr Stevens, Mr Powell, Mr Jupp and Mr McAlpine and we all headed into Lewes for the 2016 Psych fest which was being held at the wonderful All Saints Centre. A fine afternoon and evening was had, and the gents had lots of nice ale (The Lewes Arms). Sadly I did not as I was the driver for the day.
We spent a bit to long in the pub drinking (they did not me, I was on my third coke and ice)
so missed Wax Machine playing. it was a fine evening all round with superb visuals supplied by Innerstrings.  Other bands on the bill that night were Zofff, Soft Walls, Virginia Wing,  Novella and Cult of Dom Keller. Managed to have a chat to the Zofff chaps at the bar (and very nice they were to) Next year I really must find somewhere to stay so I do not have to do the long and strange drive home.


  1. Looks as though a good time was had by all, feel free to tell more...

  2. Well on the way home we got diverted because of roadworks. My passenger fell asleep, and for some strange reason the chap in the services would not serve us, in fact he would not even acknowledge us. Would not let the two of us in and would not turn round.....a strange chap indeed. As for Lewes Psych it was a fine evening, chatted to some very nice people outside the venue and the bands were great.