Friday, 4 December 2015


I will miss Mackenzie Crook's wonderful BBC 4 series Detectorists. For those of you that have not ever watched it, the series takes place in and around the small town of Danbury. Andy (Mackenzie Crook) and Lance (Toby Jones) are members of the DMDC (Danebury Metel Detectors Club) along with Sophie, Terry, Hugh, Russell, Louise and Varde. Over the course of the two series we witness life love betrayal greed disappointment and rejection at a wonderfully slow but never dull pace. Andy's long suffering partner Becky (Rachael Stirling) is a Teacher in a local school and is desperate to get out of Danebury and see life/the world before its all to late. All through the series Andy and Lance
are always searching/detecting for that elusive gold, that they never seem to find, and yet
always happiest when in a field detecting. A few interesting finds along the way, The Jim
fixed it for me medal, which gets rejected and put back in the ground. An enamel badge with
a strange inscription on the back which on closer inspection says Status Quo. The series is over now and I am feeling a tad ambivalent about it ending, and whether it needs a 3rd series or not. My logic here is that I just like the series the way it is, and if it ever went to a 3rd series that turned out to be not as good as the first two, then disappointment would def be the order of the day. Having said all that, I will look forward to the Christmas special on 23rd December. I must mention the lovely song The Detectorists sung by Johnny Flynn at the beginning of every episode which just sets us up for half hour of dare I say it perfect viewing. I shall be watching and enjoying Detectorists for years to come (DVD Box Set)

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