Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Lost Hour or Two

I have been informed that on March 29th I will be venturing into Southsea/Portsmouth to play a DJ set at The King St Tavern as part of The Lost Hour events. All looks and sounds very interesting so best I turn up. If all goes to plan I should be playing at about 5pm. If I don't turn up send out a search party, look for a sad looking chap wandering around lost and carrying a box of records hassling tourists for money.


  1. Hi Keith,

    I like your blog and always look forward to your 'reels'.

    You may not be aware, but we are putting on a rather special event down the A27 that you might find rather interesting.

    It's a bit short notice, but if you do come along please say hello.



  2. Kicking myself that I did not know about this event. Looks fantastic, but alas I do have Friday pretty much sawn up work wise which is a shame. Thanks for letting me know, It really does look amazing.

  3. These things always happen when I seem to be doing other things a top offer and lovely invite thank you.