Sunday, 5 January 2014

Gaslight Troubadours Clockwork Curiosities

Very much enjoying The Gaslight Troubadours debt album Clockwork Curiosities.  
The Gaslight Troubadours are Professor Singleton Purblind and Lon Lippincott; a modern day Burke and Hare of sample reconstruction. I 1st became aware of these chaps when a friend of mine heard them being played on The Late Junction. Not long after that I heard the track A Three Pipe Problem (full of old foggy london town Holmes and Watson Vampires and "read all about it orrible murder") played on The Freak Zone. As it states on the ECC records website  It’s ‘Carry On Screaming’ starring Vivian Stanshall, with a dose of The League Of Gentlemen thrown in for good measure. Mock horror with glitchy beats could be one, slightly loose description. If you like the idea of a Victorian DJ Shadow in foggy London equipped with top hat cape and cane with Spring Heeled Jack and Varney the Vampire lurking just round the cobbled street corner then The Gaslight Troubadours are def for you.

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