Saturday, 10 August 2013

Its Flexi

They came free with magazines, they came free attached to the front of record sleeves, they came free in booklets and in some cases you could walk into a record shop and just ask for them...............for FREE. So here is a selection of Flexi Discs. They never sounded great, but they always seemed to be free. I would like to say that after many many years the quality of these flexi discs has deteriorated so much that they are virtually unplayable, but still always worth checking out.
 This came free with the 7inch of I Travel
Have no idea where I got this??? but it was a very long time ago
 Good old Smash Hits. OMD and Nash the Slash
Walked into HMV and they were giving these away.
Good old Factory.
A charity shop find that I thought would come in handy.
Melody Maker!!!!! The Passage and Blancmange


  1. Brilliant. I have the Komakino one somewhere.

  2. Thanks V M. I think Komakino is also on one of the many Joy Division compilations.

  3. You are sadly missing the Smash Hits flexi of John Foxx 'My Face'. It's yellow!

  4. Thanks member_D I never got that one (did not even know about ti) But have just been looking at it online. : )