Sunday, 23 December 2012

Electronic Music for Schools

Picked this wonderful book up recently. Showed it to my friend Mr Packer and we reminisced about many of the recording techniques (my fav was always turning the recording tape over and then turning it back, so anything you recorded was backwards). I should point out that Mr Packer was the 1st person I ever knew, who had a 4 track Tascam porta studio. For someone like me who had just mixed and bounced down from 1 cassette deck to another a 4 track porta studio was amazing. This book covers all sorts of fantastic topics like bouncing down, Tape splicing, making sound proofed boxes (shoe boxes stuffed full of cotton wool) for recording clocks etc. I recently saw some copies of this book on Amazon here. Definitely worth tracking down.


  1. Thanks for posting Keith - marvellous stuff, though my comprehensive could only dream of such a well-equipped lab! I've just finished curating a free to download compilation of vintage electronica recorded on Portastudios in bedrooms around the world if you're interested... The download includes a 60-page pdf about the artists and gear.

    The link is here:



  2. Nice! I'd love to hear the results!

  3. Downloading as I type, looks very interesting.

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