Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Oramics to Electronica

Finally got round to paying a visit to The Oramics to Electronica Exhibition at The Science Museum the other day. Been looking forward to this for quite some time now, and was not disappointed. In general the exhibition covers the work of 3 pioneering British studios (EMS, The Radiophonic Workshop and Daphne Oram's studio in Kent. With lots of display cabinets containing Synths (Wasp VCS Fairlight) bits and bobs from the Radiophonic Workshop and of course Daphne Oram's magnificent Oramics Machine. My only minor criticism (its not really a criticism) is that it would have been nice if the exhibition had been a tad larger, with maybe some more installations, perhaps also including work produced by FC Judd and maybe even Joe Meek.  But of course I do realise that this was not a definitive look at everybody and everything to do with early British electronic music, and electronic music pioneers. Maybe that would be something for the organisers of this exhibition to consider at a later date. Anyway I really enjoyed this exhibition and if this sounds like your thing, then you can't go wrong with paying it a visit. But be quick because its only on until 1st of December.
The Oramics Machine
 The Mighty Fairlight
VCS 3 (Putney)
The Wasp
Daphne Oram and Peter Sellers
Radiophonic Workshop items


  1. I saw it a month or so back in its expanded form, having initially gone when only the Oramics machine was in place. The Radiophonic Workshop cabinet was particularly exciting, with its Crystal Palace and the green lampshade that Delia Derbyshire used to create the sounds for Blue Veils and Golden Sands. Great to hear Daphne Oram's music wafting around the interior of the Science Museum, too. Did you hear the programme on Radio 4 presented by Stewart Lee this morning on electronic music - A Sound British Adventure? It went over familiar territory to a degree, but was still interesting, and mentioned FC Judd and Joe Meek, as well as Desmond Leslie.

  2. Sure did Jez. Was pottering about so missed a bit of it, so going to give it another listen later today.