Thursday, 26 April 2012

Splitting the Atom Brighton June 23rd

I was very pleased to be asked to play at Splitting the Atom in Brighton on June 23rd at The Green Door Store.  I do not play live much, and this is an area which I am sort of trying to address, but other things always seem to get in the way. Last year I played live twice and also performed  four DJ sets, so not really a full diary there. So getting asked to play on the 23rd has got me quite excited. Not sure what time I am on, as soon as I get more details I will update this post. For more details please visit Club Zygotic on FacebookBest I dust down the mixer and the synths and get them ready. The line up so far is  AK/DK+ THE BAD BLACK DOTS(Drum Eyes/Crayola Lectern)+ AQUA DENTATA+ THESE FEATHERS HAVE PLUMES+ PHIL JULIAN/JOHN MACEDO+ HUH 5 PIN+ DALE CORNISH+ CASTLE FREAK+ LEGALLIENNE+ THEE BALD KNOBBERS+ KEITH SEATMAN+ Dj DYLAN NYOUKIS

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