Saturday, 28 January 2012

Devo, Mr Packer and Forgetfulness

I have recently been watching and listening to a lot of very old Devo stuff. Have been watching the Men who make the music video and listening to the early albums. Hard Core Devo vol 1 & vol 2 is Devo from 1974 to 1977 and is just 1st class crunchy 4 track Devo. Now........I forgot that many many years ago I managed to see Devo play on their Freedom of Choice tour. I went along with my friend Mr Packer. For some strange reason I had totally forgotten this concert???????? really not sure why I forgot about this gig because it was very very good. I remember them playing amazing high speed versions of Gut Feeling and Smart Patrol/Mr DNA. Mr Packer reminded me that towards the end of the concert Booji Boy appeared in the balcony and gave a little speech about Devolution and us all being spuds (if the spud fits.....wear it) in time I did lose interest in Devo. Their later albums Oh, No! It's Devo and Shout, just did not work for me. Perhaps to polished and maybe to corporate.
Soooooooo................what with Devo and catching up with Mr Packer here is a clip from Devo The Men who make the Music and Mr Packer's track, Me and This City from his album Monotone to Monochrome.

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