Sunday, 9 October 2011

Daphne Oram at the Science Museum

On one of my weekly visits to the Sparks in The Electrical Jelly  blog page. I was very pleased to see a very in depth and informative post about the Daphne Oram Exhibition at The Science Museum. On show at the museum is Daphne's Oramics Machine. The exhibition is running until the 1st of December 2012. I'am of to pay it a visit at the end of the month. For more info on Daphne Oram check out Dan Wilson's article on Daphne Oram in the The Wire issue 330. And for all things Oram pay a visit to Daphne Oram an electronic music pioneer.


  1. I soo want to go there. Good thing the exhibition will run until the end of next year.

  2. I hope to go next week sometime. Will def take some photos.