Monday, 26 September 2011

A Day out by the sea with Noise and Oddness

Went to Brighton on Saturday with my friend Mr Stevens, who was playing at Splitting The Atom IV which was at The Green Door Store (just round the corner from the station. Very handy) We arrived a tad early so headed of down to the North Lanes to visit my favourite eating place in Brighton Kensingtons. Mr Stevens had one of the big Kensington Veggie breakfasts, and was more than satisfied with it. I had a rather wonderful Bacon and Avocado sandwich. After eating this we decided we should head back to the Green Door.
The Green Door Store is under Brighton Station (sort of) and is all stone cobbled floors and bear brick walls.  We hung around for a bit and had a beer, dropped our bags and cases of and headed back into Brighton. This time we popped into  Snoopers Paradise where I spent all of £2 on a couple of old Cine magazines from 1961. Mr Stevens picked up a couple of photos and a book. A swift pint in another pub and it was back to The Green Door Store to watch the excellent Noteherder and McCloud. Lots of throb and drone from an SH101 accompanied by a beautiful echo drenched Saxophone, what more could you want. Another fav of mine on the day was the wonderful Aqua Dentata  who for the duration of his set sat on a chair crossed legged and played a very haunting sweepy drone for about 20 mins. Nothing more nothing less, and it worked for me.  He also wore a very fetching jumper. Mr Stevens played a blinding and blistering noise set using an SH101 and a childrens flashy toy thing which was all going through his home made contraptions.  Mr Stevens was not to happy with his set, but I can assure you it was very good. After a few more swift beers it was of to the station for us to get the 9.33 home. I must briefly mention the annoying woman on the 9.33 who decided to talk to someone on her phone very very loudly about her holiday in Spain. Her top comment was "wel yer see there was only bout 7500 peeple killed in the Spanish inquisition over 300 years, so it won't that bad really, was it? know wot I mean" Rumour has it that there will be another Splitting the Atom in March. I def hope to go. So should you.

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