Thursday, 7 July 2011

Which? Magazine

Well here I am very excited today, because I have just found the fickr Photostreams of Brighton based Design Studio Delicious Industries. One of the Photostreams is solely devoted to old copies of The Consumers' Association magazine - Which?
The covers were all contributed by Delicious Industries and Sell! Sell! The covers were all designed by Banks & Miles (Colin Banks and John Miles) and really are amazing. So do not waste time pop over to Delicious Industries flickr photostream for a look.


  1. Glad you like them - thanks for the link and kind words. I find it amazing that such a small publication, one many people have never heard of, commissioned such great designers who created such fantastic covers.

    Makes me wonder how many other forgotten publications are out there with gorgeous cover designs!

  2. I dream of one day going to a car boot sale and finding something like that.
    One day.......maybe one day. Chichester car boot it is this Sunday for me.

  3. I found these at Fforde boot sale on a Saturday morning, so not too far from Chichester!

  4. Will have to check the Ford boot sale out. have heard its a good one.