Monday, 27 February 2012

Robert Rental and The Normal

I recently rediscoverd The Robert Rental and Thomas Leer Album The Bridge. I had forgotten how great this album was. So I thought time to see if there is anything on Robert Rental and Thomas Leer on Youtube. I was very pleased to discover on my search, not just Robert Rental and Thomas Leer but a short film on the Robert Rental and The Normal (Danial Miller/Mute) collaboration. Robert Rental and Danial Miller collaborated on the 1979 Rough Trade tour supporting Stiff Little Fingers and Essetial Logic. The only recording of this collaboration was the one sided Live at West Runton Pavillion EP (Rough US 2) So I was very very pleased to find this short film of their live performance. Robert Rental only released two singles the excellent Paralysis/ACC. Released on Rentals's own Regular Records and Double Heart on Mute Records. Sadly Rental died of lung cancer in 2000 at the age of 48. For even more in depth info on Robert Rental, Thomas Leer and The Normal go check out The Same Mistakes music blog

Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Modern Antiquarian

I recently got hold of a copy of the Julian Cope book on Stone Circles and Megalithic Britain The Modern Antiquarian. I visited Avebury last year for the 1st time and was blown away by the size and scale of the place. So this coffee table colossus was a must. I have always liked and followed Mr Cope's music, even though sometimes I admit I have drifted from it. But likewise I always seem to drift back to him. Now I know that Mr Cope has been called Barmy, Nuts, Bonkers and other such things. His exploits of the past are well documented. Performing Passionate Friend on Top of the Pops on Acid or cutting himself up and quoting Kenneth Williams from Carry on Cleo "Infamy infamy they've all got it infamy" during  Reynard the Fox at The Hammersmith Palais.  Julian Cope may be a tad eccentric, but nothing wrong with that. Julian Cope spent 8 years compiling and writing this book, and it leaves you in no doubt about Mr Cope's passion for this subject. The book is packed full (and I mean Full) of photos essays information  and Ordnance Survey grid references, regarding these Megalithic sites. What is particularly enduring about the photos in the book, is at times its like a glimpse into Cope family world. With images of Julian's wife Dorian and the kids sitting and standing at all these old megalithic sites and even a picture on page 285 of the remains of the family car, after it had blown up. The BBC produced a programme of the same name in mid 2000. In 2004 Julian Cope released his 2nd book on this subject The Megalithic European. For more and up to date info visit The Modern Antiquarian. Also have a visit to Dorian Cope presents On this deity. Its definitely a family affair in the Cope house.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Vintage IBM

Found these wonderful old Vintage IBM ads here at the IBM site. Lots of lovely vintage IBM ads and photos. definitely worth a look. 

Sunday March 11th

Keith Seatman and Simon Heartfield will be playing from 7.30pm at The King St Tavern Southsea on Sunday March 11th. Dub Funk Post Punk Radiophonics Electronics Soundtracks Soul Krautrock and all sorts of other Audio Oddities.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sam the Record Man

On a visit to Toronto a  few years ago I was a bit sad to see that Sam the Record Man on Yonge and Gould had closed. Over the years I have visited Toronto many times, and on these visits would always pop into Sam the Record Man for a Coffee and a Browse. Sam the Record Man closed in June 2007. The Iconic neon record signs were lit for the last time in October 2008. I only recently found this photo and movie I took of the shop front. You can just make out the large neon records of Sam's lit up towards the middle of the movie. For more images and info on Sam the Record Man and Toronto things, check out the Lost Toronto Blog.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Test Transmission Archive Reel 7

Finally at last after countless upload problems here is Archive Reel 7. This time round we have music from Spacedog, Kevin Ayers, The Caretaker, Wall of Voodoo, Bruce Haack a track from the new Belbury Poly Album Belbury Tales, and loads more.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

New Album Tracks (excerpts)

I have finally uploaded 4 new tunes (excerpts) to Soundcloud. The 4 tunes are to be included on my new album, which I hope to release in Sept/Oct 2012. The tunes can be heard here.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Some Old Apples

I have been a user of Apple computers for a very very long time. I have always refused to get into the Apple vs PC debate because basically you use whatever tool is good for the job you are doing. And if you use a PC or Apple then thats up to you. I went from a Spectrum to a Commodore to a Mac SE30 and stayed with the Mac from then on. Anyway I do like these old ads for Macs, but not sure what is going on with the Girl and the chap in the 3rd ad down. I will try to not worry about it to much, but I am a tad concerned.

Thursday, 2 February 2012 not .UK???????????

Finally have found out why my album is not available to download from Amazon UK. It would seem that Tunecore and Amazon UK/EU have had a bit of a falling out over money (no surprise there), and so Amazon UK/EU have taken all music distributed by Tunecore down. The daft thing is that are still selling all this music. Tunecore are blaming Amazon UK/EU and Amazon UK/EU are blaming Tunecore.  For the next album might have to try someone else. But for now though my album can still be downloaded from iTunes (UK Worldwide) Spotify and good old