Thursday, 30 June 2011

Reid Miles

In the late 50s and 60s Graphic Designer and Photographer Reid Miles (1927 - 1993) designed some of the most iconic album covers on the Blue Note Record label. Here are a few of my own personal favorites, nothing more, nothing less.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Test Transmission Archive Reel 4

At long last Archive Reel 4 is ready. This time round we have music from Andew Loog Oldham, Renaldo and the Loaf, Ken Woodman and his Piccadilly Brass, Moondog, Simon Heartfield, Pye Corner Audio and much much more.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Martin Rushent 11 July 1948 – 4 June 2011

In 1986 I was living at home with my Father. I got in one evening and my Father told me that someone called Martin had called. He had heard the band I was in (Psylons) on John Peel and could I give him a call. I asked my father if this Martin had a surname and he informed me it was Rushent. Of course I knew who Martin Rushent was, I had a number of albums that he had produced so I was well aware of his work. But this could not have been him calling me.
I phoned the number that was left and was informed by the person at the other end that it was in fact Martin who had called. He wanted to meet up with us at Genetic to discuss recording us, and could we pop up next week. I said yes, of course, trying not to sound like an over excited 10 year old. The following week the rest of the band and I jumped into my little green Fiat 127 and set of for Genetic. On arrival we were met by Neil O'Conner who informed us that Martin was a tad busy that day but that he (Neil) would show us around and then take us out to lunch. At the local Pub Neil told us that Martin had liked our Peel Session and wanted to record us. The finer points would be thrashed out with or Manager at a later date. Neil said that he would be in touch in a few weeks. So many hours later we said goodbye to Neil and headed of home. 
Weeks went by and we had not heard from Neil at Genetic. Months went by and nothing. Then one day I got a call from Neil O'Conner. He phoned to say sorry but the recordings were not going to happen. Things had gone on at Genetic which made it not possible. 
After what was quite a long call we said goodbye to each other and that was that.
We never really got to meet Martin Rushent. But as we were being shown around Genetic that day, we saw him in the distance and he gave us a wave and said "All right". R.I.P.

Sunday, 12 June 2011


When I was about 6 my Mum and Dad took myself and my Sister to see the film 2001. To this day I do not know why they took a 6 year old to see this film????? but they did.
A few hours later we all left the cinema looking very very confused.
I was not just confused, I did not have a clue what the film was about. But I thought the Space Station, The Space Suits and The Main Space Craft (Discovery) look really good. Some years later when I was about 12 a friend of mine had just read the book of 2001. I said to him that I had seen the film but could not remember or understand what it was about. My friend suggested I should try to read the book. So I plodded of to the Library and found a copy. I ended up reading it 3 times before taking it back and then became quite obsessed about the story. I went out and got the paperback version then Arther C Clarkes The Lost Worlds of 2001 then The making of 2001 then picked up the soundtrack and The Marvel Comics Treasury Special (I still have the Cassette Soundtrack and the Marvel Treasury Special)
As time went by I got all the other books 2010, 2061, 3001. But have to admit they did not have the same impact on me as 2001. When finally the year 2001 came I was a tad disappointed but then I was also disappointed in 1999. I do remember something about when I first saw the film when I was 6. At the beginning of the film I wondered why the big front door was in the desert with all the monkeys.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Shndg 6 Sat 18th June

Now do not forget, If you live within 900 miles of Southsea/Portsmouth and are thinking of going to Shndg 6 then I am pleased to say that tickets for this event are now on sale. And can be got from here. The tickets are £5.00 
The full line up for this wonderful night of noise, electronics, DIY sonic reverberation and drones are DJ sets from Jim Jupp (Ghost Box)Si Heartfield and Ms Mono. Live sets from Keith Seatman to promote the release his new album. Mr Twister Valley himself Douglas E PowellThee Magic HornsRusty Sheriff, Jez North and many more.  For more info/details visit
Available from iTunes and Amazon

Monday, 6 June 2011


If you like minimal sounds, Synth Drones and very early Tangerine Dream/Klaus Shultze (Zeit, Atem, Alpha Centauri, Black Dance Timewind) then you can do no wrong by checking out  C-DEK. C-DEK Is the work of Photograhper/Designer Andy Bell.
To be honest I was not aware of Andy's work until it was pointed out to me by a mutual friend of ours (thanks Mrs D)
So far there  are 5 volumes in the Resonance series by C-DEK. All 5 Volumes are Hauntingly beautiful filled with melancholy Drones and Synth sweeps. All of which are available from Band Camp. I do intend to include C-DEK in one of my Test Transmission Archive Reels later in the year.