Sunday, 17 April 2011

My Very Distant Past

A very very long time ago (Spring 1979 I think) my friend Craig who was very much into The Residents put it to me that we should do a cassette only release.
We would call ourselves The Marilyn Monroes. The music was to be very heavily influenced by The Residents Red Crayola Swell Maps and Vibing up the Senile Man era ATV. Craig would be Billy Artaud and I would be Pete Shoes. The music was to be recorded in my bedroom over the course of 2 evenings and like The Residents no one would ever know who The Marilyn Monroes really were. Of course as time went by we did tell people it was us.
I lost my copy of the cassette many years ago. But a chance meeting one night with Brian (who I had not seen for decades) from legendary bods Renaldo and The Loaf revealed that he had a copy, and so after 32 years I finally got to see our mad old Cassette creation again.

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